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SPA Sponsored CfP “Writing Psychological Anthropology”- A Writing Workshop Panel for Early Career SPA Members

The Organizers of the SPA Biennial would like to invite colleagues who are currently finishing or who have very recently finished their PhDs to apply to participate in a writing panel/workshop at the SPA biennial chaired by Ted Lowe, former Editor of Ethos. This workshop/panel is designed to help guide the participants who would like to develop a publishable article from their dissertation research. The workshop will also allow participants to act as peer reviewers for at least one of the papers to be delivered at the panel.

Event Details:
Interested panelists will write a brief proposal that describes an article-length (7500-8000 max word) manuscript that the author will prepare for this SPA panel.  This planned draft manuscript should make a clear contribution to the field of psychological anthropology and that can be developed into to a complete draft in time for the SPA meetings in April 2019. For those proposals that are accepted, panelists will complete a draft in time to circulate their manuscript 2 weeks in advance of the SPA Biennial Meetings in April 2019. Prior to this deadline, panelists should plan to have a helpful consultation with Prof. Lowe about their manuscript and how they might develop it for the panel. Once the drafts have been circulated, all panelists will have the opportunity to read each paper, but each panelist will be specifically assigned to act as a peer-reviewer for one other panelist and will prepare formal commentary for that manuscript to be delivered during the panel session. The event will also include an overview of effective writing for academic journals in psychological anthropology. Please note: Participation in this event as a panelist will count as formal participation in the SPA Biennial Meetings.


  • Applicants must be SPA members who can attend the SPA biennial in April 2019;
  • Applicants must be post-fieldwork ABD who are close to completing their dissertation or recent PhDs (no more than 2 years post PhD);
  • Participants must be able to propose and complete a 7500- to 8000-word article manuscript that makes a clear contribution to psychological anthropology, broadly conceived;
  • Participants must agree to participate in a Sunday morning event;
  • Participants must be willing to circulate their full draft manuscript to all participants 1-2 weeks ahead of the conference;
  • Participants must be willing to provide a 5-minute summary of their own manuscript and lead a 10-minute productive commentary on one of their peer’s manuscript.

To apply for this event, please prepare a 3- 4-page panel submission proposal that includes the following:

  • Your name, institutional affiliation (if applicable), and a statement of where you are in your academic/professional trajectory (if the degree has been completed, please give the date)
  • A 250 word abstract of the proposed manuscript
  • A brief description of the larger research project the manuscript draws from, including where you are in that project at the time of proposing (100-150words)
  • A brief statement of what you hope to gain from participating in the workshop/panel (100-150 words)

Please send your proposal and a current CV (both saved as a pdf) as an email attachment to Edward Lowe at [email protected] by November 26, 2018.

A committee chaired by Prof. Lowe will review the applications and select the 8 most promising proposals to participate in the panel. The main criteria will include how likely that the proposed paper can be prepared as a journal article and the contribution the article is likely to make to psychological anthropology.  Decisions of whether or not a proposal is accepted will be given by November 30, 2018. Abstracts for papers that are not accepted are then eligible to be submitted as an individually volunteered paper, or as part of another panel proposal for the December 5 deadline.

If you have any questions, please email Prof. Lowe at [email protected]