SPA / RLF Student Fellowship Program

Three of the 2013 Lemelson Fellows, Kelsey London Robbins, David Aftab Ansari, and Laura Horton, attended the SPA business meeting at the AAA annual meeting in Chicago, IL.

Three of the 2013 Lemelson Fellows, Kelsey London Robbins, David Aftab Ansari, and Laura Horton, attended the SPA business meeting at the AAA Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL.

Applications are open for the 2018-2019 SPA/RLF Fellowship program!

The SPA / Robert Lemelson Foundation Fellowships are designed to provide graduate students working in the field of psychological anthropology with funding to pursue exploratory research for planning their doctoral dissertation research and /or methods training to prepare for their doctoral dissertation research. Research projects supported by the funding should have the potential of advancing the field of psychological anthropology. Normally, fellows receive their awards after their first or second year of graduate training as they begin to develop their dissertation research projects. We expect to award six or more fellowships (depending upon funding levels) in 2018 with each fellow expected to receive between $3,000 and $6,000 depending upon need.


  • Fellowships are open to all graduate students without regard to citizenship or place of residence.
  • Applicants must be enrolled in a graduate program at the time of application and during the period of the fellowship. Applicants’ proposed research must be in the field of psychological anthropology, broadly defined, but they do not need to be students in departments of anthropology.
  • Applicants cannot have completed more than four years of graduate education, including all institutions that they have attended.
  • Applicants must be current members of the Society of Psychological Anthropology (SPA), a section of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) as of February 3rd, 2018. Details on joining the AAA and the SPA can be found at (Note: If the applicant is not a current member, we suggest submitting the membership application well in advance to be sure that the membership is current by the deadline.)
  • The funding cannot be used to collect data for the fellow’s master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation.
  • Fellows are prohibited from accepting the Robert Lemelson Foundation Fellowship in conjunction with any other summer or research funding for the same project or over the same time frame as the proposed research supported by the Robert Lemelson Foundation Fellowship. The sole exception is that a fellow may accept funding for expenses, such as durable equipment, that are not covered by the Robert Lemelson Foundation fellowship.
  • All fellows are required to attend either the 2018 AAA Annual Meeting to be held in San Jose, CA (November 14-18, 2018) or the 2019 SPA Biennial Meeting (location and dates TBA).
  • Priority will be given to proposals for international work, though proposals for work within the United States also will be considered.

2018-2019 SPA/RLF Fellowship Details and Application Instructions

2018-2019 SPA/RLF Fellowship Application Form

Deadline for Applications: 5PM EST on February 5, 2018

Please contact the SPA’s Secretary, Cameron Hays, if you have any questions on the fellowship program or application.

All award and selection committees abide by the SPA’s Conflict of Interest Statement and Recusal Policy.


For information on current fellows, click here.

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