2017 SPA-RLF Fellows

Sara Rendell, University of Pennsylvania
Finding Footing on Shifting Terrain: Ethnography of Migrant Cartographies

Emily Wilson, University of Chicago
Intimacy for Hire: Sensorial Care in the American Gig Economy

Reem Mehdoui, UCLA
Tunisian Youth, Revolution, and Articulation of Morality in Times of Crisis

Lauren Nippoldt, UCSD
Navigating Moral Experiences with Care: Discussing Motivation and Wellbeing among Care Workers in Chandigarh, India

Paula Martin, University of Chicago
Our Bodies Are Not Our Selves: Situating the Discourse of Gender Identity in the US

Alexia Arani, UCSD
Queering Care: Caring Positivities: Caring Subjectivities Among Queer and Trans People of Color in a Post-Obama United States