Global Voices

As part of the SPA initiatives for engaged psychological anthropology, the SPA Anthropology-News team (Amir Hampel, Kathy Trang) is proud to announce the launch of a new series, Global Voices highlighting the works of psychological anthropologists working outside the United States. As the demographics of this listserv and those participating in SPA events on- and off-line illustrate, SPA is a global community. Its members and virtual affiliates work in a range of international contexts both within and outside of academia. Through intimate conversations with these members, this series asks:

  • From their situated vantage, what issue do they find most pressing and how can/does psychological anthropology engage it? How is their perspective distinct from that of researchers based in anglophone academia, and what kinds of insights and conversations does that lead to?
  • More generally, what relevance does psychological anthropology hold in the diverse worldwide contexts inhabited by our members
  • What insights and skills does training in psychological anthropology afford? What major challenges confront them in their anthropological work?
  • How are they affected by the diverse incentive structures that drive research worldwide?
  • How can the Society for Psychological Anthropology (or American Anthropological Association, more broadly) better represent and serve the needs of its members, to foster and strengthen its global community?

We will use a format similar to that employed in our ongoing Voice of Experience series (, where these overarching topics are explored in informal conversation over the member’s work.