Leadership Handbook


by Bradd Shore

Upon assuming the Presidency of the SPA in 1999, I discovered that I knew very little about how the organization actually functioned, and that I was captaining a ship of whose operations I was largely ignorant. A great deal of my time was initially spent contacting former leaders of the society and trying to figure out how the society actually ran. I made a number of mistakes in the first months due largely to my ignorance of my duties and my deadlines.

Eventually, it dawned on me that all this trouble was largely unnecessary and that assembling a Leadership Handbook would be a very good priority for my Presidency. It is with great pleasure and considerable debt to my colleagues in the SPA that I conclude my term as President by handing over to the incoming President, Geoffrey White, the first edition of The SPA Leadership Handbook. Hopefully it will ease his transition to office and free up his time for moving ahead with important SPA business.

This handbook represents the joint efforts of many individuals who contributed their time and expertise in drafting, reviewing and editing the various sections. The Handbook is an important tool for ensuring the continuity of the functioning of the SPA by acting as a collective memory of the norms, selection procedures, deadlines and responsibilities involved in the many leadership positions that govern the SPAÕs various activities. As such it serves as a pragmatic companion to our Bylaws. Because it is a handbook for carrying out the day-to-day activities of the many leadership roles that make the SPA work, it should be subject to periodic revision, addition and update.

I would like to thank the following individuals without whose work this Handbook could not have been produced: Lee Munroe, Geoffrey White, Doug Hollan, Carmella Moore, Kevin Birth, Holly Matthews, Sara Harkness, Naomi Quinn, April Leininger, Keith McNeal, Stephen Leavitt, Alex Hinton, David Spain, Marida Hollos, Tanya Luhrmann, Kathy Ewing and Suzanne Kirschner.

Bradd Shore
October 1, 2001

Chapter 1 – The President and President Elect
Chapter 2 – Elected Members Of The Board Of Directors
Chapter 3 – Secretary-Treasurer
Chapter 4 – Student Representative to the Board
Chapter 5 – Editor of the SPA Book Series
Chapter 6 – Contributing Editor to Anthropology News
Chapter 7 – Electronic Publications Editor
Chapter 8 – Program Committee
Chapter 9 – Nominations Committee
Chapter 10 – Boyer Prize Committee