Chapter 10: Boyer Prize Committee

The committee calls for nominations (including self-nominations) by announcing the competition in the Anthropology Newsletter (March or April issue) and posting to relevant lists. The committee also relies upon its own judgment in searching out publications which it feels to be appropriate candidates for the award. Books and articles published in the preceding year (the year prior to that in which the award is given) are eligible for consideration. The deadline for external nominations, to be submitted to the committee chair, should be around May 15. The prize is awarded at the SPA business meeting at the AAA, in November or December each year. In order to meet the deadline for inclusion in the printed program of the AAA meeting, the committee should make its selection by August 1. The chair should contact committee members to alert them to the deadline for external nominations, consult on places to announce the competition, and set up a timetable for the committee’s work. Then committee members should develop amongst themselves a short list of possible prize recipients. This short list should be developed with sufficient time so as to let all committee members take a look at the work: ideally, by mid-JuneĀ or early July. The prize committee should then come to a shared decision. It is not considered appropriate to split the prize between two recipients. The committee should reach a decision by August 1 and convey the result to the Secretary-Treasurer who contacts the recipient and invites the author(s) to attend the annual meeting to receive the award.