Chapter 9: Nominations Committee

The nominations committee comprises at least three members appointed by the Board of Directors for staggered three-year terms. The duties of the Committee are set out as follows in the SPA Bylaws:

Each year the Nominations Committee shall nominate a slate of at least six potential candidates for each elected office that is open and submit these names to the Board of Directors for review at its annual meeting. The Board will rank the names and return the list to the Nominations Committee which shall then contact candidates seriatim and forward to the Secretary/Treasurer those candidates’ names who have agreed to run for election. The Secretary/Treasurer shall send these nominations to the AAA headquarters according to the Section nomination and election schedule.

In practice, however, we normally need candidate slates only every other year, though in unusual cases where we have special elections, there may be exceptions to the practice.

The committee has generally been chaired by the President-elect of the SPA. The committee chair confers with the committee members to come up with a long list of possible candidates to run for two board positions and the office of President-Elect of the SPA. (Self-nominations are considered.) In consultation with the committee members, the committee chair then formulates ranked short lists of six persons each to run for of the given positions. These tentative slates are then sent to the President of the SPA for consideration and approval. The Committee Chair then contacts the approved candidates, informs them of their nomination, and invites them to stand for election.