Chapter 2: Elected Members Of The Board Of Directors

The SPA Board of Directors is the Society’s principal policymaking body. Elected members of the Board have the broadest responsibility for managing SPA affairs. They provide advice, oversight and leadership.

Each elected board member serves a four-year term during which he or she is expected to be actively involved. Active involvement includes regular attendance at board meetings and chairing or participating in key committees. Beyond these basic roles, elected board members may also develop or assist with new initiatives as opportunities arise.


Participation begins with attendance at the annual board meeting, where policy is discussed and decisions made through board vote. When a candidate stands for election he or she also commits to attending board meetings throughout the four-year term. The importance of this is stated in the by-laws that state that members who miss more than two meetings may be removed from office.


The duties of elected board members are less specific than those of appointed members who manage particular tasks, such as Ethos, the newsletter, book series, or website. The duties of elected members will vary by President and by issues facing the Society at any particular time.

Recurring roles for elected board members include serving on or chairing two standing committees of the Board: the AAA Program Committee and the Nominations Committee. Each year the Program Committee oversees SPA contributions to the AAA meeting agenda. Every two years the Nominations Committee coordinates nominations for the election of President-Elect and two Board Members. The President will invite Board Members to serve on these committees, typically asking an elected Member to chair the Program Committee, and the current President-Elect to chair the Nominations Committee.