AAA 2014 and the International Early Career Scholar Travel Grant

The deadline for submitting abstracts for this year’s American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting is April 15, 2014. This year’s AAA’s also marks the inauguration of  the International Early Career Scholar Travel Grant. Find out more information here.


Looking for a session to join? Looking for a paper to complete your session?

If you are looking to join a session at the AAAs, please feel to post in this forum some brief information on your paper and an email where a session organizer can contact you. If you are a session organizer, who is looking for an additional contributor, please post in this forum your session’s abstract and an email.

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  1. Abstract
    Kinaesthetic Imagination: Somatic Psychology’s Transtemporal Body
    In the alternative medical practice of somatic psychology, participants conjure up their future bodies, not out of thin air but out of their kinaesthetic imaginations. We think of the body as temporally anchored. It is, however, colonized by its own past in the form of memory and colonizes its own future in the form of imagination. The body’s anticipation of its future sets it for its own projects ahead of time. By movement techniques, the somaticist induces participants to substantiate an imaginary body by giving it sensory presence. This practice cultivates what Thomas Csordas calls a culturally elaborated somatic mode of attention in order to project the body toward its future, not as a mental act but as a corporeal experience.

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