Culture, Mind, and Society Series guidelines for authors

Culture, Mind, and Society
The Book Series for the Society for Psychological Anthropology


Guidelines for Prospective Authors

We seek manuscripts of the highest quality that illuminate how the human mind, in all of its psychological and biological complexity, is related to the social, cultural, political, economic, and linguistic contexts where people think, feel, speak, desire, and act in ordinary life. Manuscripts should address the theoretical and comparative importance of the phenomenon in question by placing their topic in cross-cultural perspective or by addressing its significance for social and psychological theory generally. At the same time, works appropriate for this series will be based on ethnographic research that grounds discussion in worlds of social and cultural experience. Edited volumes should address a coherent topic or issue, and it is the editor’s responsibility to eliminate redundancy and to ensure that the issue or topic at hand is well covered and analyzed (e.g., by commissioning authors to fill gaps in the conceptual or ethnographic coverage of the volume, or by soliciting forewords or afterwords from scholars who are particularly knowledgeable about the issue or topic in question). Editors also should indicate how their volumes are related (or not) to previously published work in psychological anthropology and related fields.


Submission Process

It is the editorial policy of this series to solicit at least two reviews for each submission, one of which, under normal circumstances, will come from a member of the editorial board of the book series. If these reviews are favorable, the Editor will submit a report to Palgrave/St. Martin’s Press recommending publication. The Editor will make every effort to ensure timely reviews and swift publication.

Preferred Word Limit: 70,000-90,000 words

Prose Style: clearly written manuscripts that foreground the significance of the work and are written so that they could be read by students, faculty, and an educated lay audience.

Style Guidelines: Final versions of manuscripts should follow the Chicago Manual of Style.

Book Inquiries: Please send a brief proposal (2-4 pages) that describes the content, significance, relevance to the “Culture, Mind, and Society” theme, word count, prose style, audience for your manuscript.

Please send your proposal to:

Peter Stromberg
Professor of Anthropology
University of Tulsa
Tulsa OK 74104
Office: (918) 631 2801

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