One of the Society for Psychological Anthropology’s most important functions is to help train the next generation of scholars. Syllabi for courses related to psychological anthropology can be found here. Information on selected graduate programs with concentrations in psychological anthropology can be found here.

Based on Plenary Panels from the 2021 Biennial, Bibliographies have been compiled on: Race and Decolonizing Psychological Anthropology, Anthropological Research and COVID-19, and Translating Psychological Anthropology Beyond the Academy.

In 2017, in recognition of psychological anthropology’s unique positionality, the National Science Foundation awarded SPA a small grant to support professional skill-building workshops for students and faculty. Led by leading experts in the field, the workshops strengthened attendees’ understanding of research design and methodology, increased their awareness of and attention to the public impact of their research, and broadened their participation in professional networks and dialogues that can continue long after the conference. The workshops comprised: multi-sited, collaborative research; person-centered interviewing; public policy relevant research in psychological anthropology; and cultural consensus analysis. The following PPTs are available: Tanya Luhrmann’s Multi-sited Presentation, Carol Worthman’s Multi-sited Presentation, and Bill Dressler and Kathy Oths’ Cultural Consensus Presentation.

UCSD’s library has a helpful site especially for psychological anthropology resources here.

The blogs listed below are valuable resources for psychological anthropologists both inside and outside of the classroom.

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