Past SPA/RLF Student Fellows

Sara Rendell, University of Pennsylvania
Finding Footing on Shifting Terrain: Ethnography of Migrant Cartographies

Emily Wilson, University of Chicago
Intimacy for Hire: Sensorial Care in the American Gig Economy

Reem Mehdoui, UCLA
Tunisian Youth, Revolution, and Articulation of Morality in Times of Crisis

Lauren Nippoldt, UCSD
Navigating Moral Experiences with Care: Discussing Motivation and Wellbeing among Care Workers in Chandigarh, India

Paula Martin, University of Chicago
Our Bodies Are Not Our Selves: Situating the Discourse of Gender Identity in the US

Alexia Arani, UCSD
Queering Care: Caring Positivities: Caring Subjectivities Among Queer and Trans People of Color in a Post-Obama United States

Mirjam Holleman, University of Alabama
Constructing Cultural Models of Disability and Citizenship in Katowice, Poland

Eva Melstrom, UCLA
An exploration of the lived experiences of diverse psychosocial economies of mental health care in Ethiopia

Carolyn Merritt, UCLA
Discourses of Individual and Social Well-Being in Swedish Folk High Schools

Sanja Miklin, University of Chicago
Suicide Nation?: Suicide meanings, resilience and coping scripts in Japan

Pablo Delaporte, Stanford
A comparative critical phenomenology of drug addiction among Mestizos in the Huallanga Valley, Peru

Kathy Trang, Emory
Social suffering and idioms of distress among Vietnamese male sex workers

Yael Assor, UCLA
Negotiating moral expectations

Anisha Chadha, NYU
Pharmaceutically shaped millennials: Understanding stimulant experiences and mental health subjectivities

Lauren Cubellis, Washington Univ St. Louis
Tolerating uncertainty: Dialogic practice and the negotiation of psychosis in ACT Berlin

Alexis Howard, University of Chicago
Growing old in precarity: Aging and
poverty in Chile

Ellen Kozelka, UCSD
(Not so) fluid borders, (not so) fluid identities: Time, space and identity in Tijuana drug rehabilitation

Seamus Power, University of Chicago
You reap what you sow: Ethnography of the Irish Water Rebellion

Beth Semel, MIT
Enactments of Efficacy: A multi-sited ethnographic study of CBT

Danielle Carr, University of Minnesota
Cyborg Trauma: Understanding Personhood and Citizenship through Deep Brain Stimulation

Devin Flaherty, UCLA
Imagination in Caregiving: Imaginal Experiences in Terminal Care Contexts in US Virgin Islands

Ting Hui Lau, Cornell
“Lost Persons”: Spirits, Migration and Mental Illness in Southwest China

Emily Lucitt, UCLA
Narratives of Haunting in Postcolonial Ireland

Jessica McCauley, Washington State University
Healing and Well-being among Malian Women

Noha Roushdy, Boston University
Being Young and Moral: The Lived Predicament of Youth in Post-Mubarak Egypt

Tyler Zoanni, NYU
American Evangelical Ministries and Disability Subjectivities in Uganda

David A. Ansari, University of Chicago
Cultural Expertise & Triage: Context, Mediation, and Treatment Management in Psychiatric Services in Paris

Jessica M Cooper, Princeton University
The Therapeutics of Criminal Adjudication: An Ethnographic Analysis of the San Francisco Behavioral Health Court

Laura A. Horton, University of Chicago
Language Emergence and Acquisition at Home & School: Multimodal Communication in a Guatemalan Highland Community

Afshan A. Kamrudin, Southern Methodist University
Stigmatized Identities and Psychological Well-Being: Queer and Muslim in South Africa and the U.S.

Kelsey L. Robbins, University of Chicago
What is Recovery?: Understanding and Treating the Mental Distress of Adult Survivors of Childhood Clerical Sexual Abuse in Ireland

Michael Chladek, University of Chicago
Buddhist Monkhood and the Construction of Masculinity in Northern Thailand

Lindsey Conklin, University of Chicago
Navigating the “Marriage Crisis”: Youth, “Waithood,” and Personal Honor in Amman

Nofit Itzhak, UCSD
Globalizing Compassion: The Ethic of Love and Altruistic Social Action in a Transnational Catholic Charismatic Community

Erin Moore, University of Chicago
Microfinanced Girls: Adolescence, Subjectivity, and Development Interventions in Uganda

Kristi M. Ninnemann, Case Western Reserve University
Psychiatric Pharmacogenomics in the United States: Effects and Affects

Caissa Revilla-Minaya, Vanderbilt University
The Self and Environmental Perceptions of a Matsigenka Community in Manu National Park, Peru

Jenny Walton-Wetzel, UCLA
Risking Delight: Experience, Emotion, and Contemporary Clowns

Ming Xue, UCLA
A cross-cultural study on human friendship

Elise Berman, University of Chicago
How Do I Say No? Children, Deception, and Avoiding Giving in the Marshall Islands

Andrea Chiovenda, Boston University
The Construction of Masculinity and Gender Identity in Afghan Pashtun Men

Meghan Halley, Case Western Reserve University
Unyago and Jando: The Role of Adolescent Initiation Rituals in Shaping Youth Sexuality In Rural Southern Tanzania

Christian Laheij, London School of Economics and Political Science
“Resolve This Problem Our Way”: Islamic Reformism, Public Sphere and Dispute Management in Northern Mozambique

Sara Lewis, Columbia University
From Social Suffering to Social Resilience: Buddhism and Coping in the Tibetan Exile Community

Zhiying Ma, University of Chicago
Psychiatric Subjectivity and Cultural Resistance: Experience and Explanations of Schizophrenia in Contemporary China

Hillary Melchiors, Case Western Reserve University
Between Cultures: Turkish-German Girls in Berlin

Victoria Ramenzoni, University of Georgia
Subjective Estimations, Probabilities, and Subsistence Among Vezo of Madagascar

Amy Rezac, Case Western Reserve University
Response to Psychological Distress During Displacement

Sarah Rubin, Case Western Reserve University
Motherhood and Emotional Distress in a South African Township: an Ethnographic Investigation of Postnatal Depression in Sociocultural Context

Katrin Tovote, University of Hawaii
Daily Routines and Acculturation of Working Poor Maya in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

Laura Vares, Brown University
Cultivating Vitality: Examining the Experience of Aging for Italian Women in Midlife

Lesley Jo Weaver, Emory University
Sweet and Low: Diabetes and Depression in India

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“The opportunity to do preliminary fieldwork has been essential to my establishing this rapport, and the foundation I built during my season as a SPA/Robert Lemelson Foundation Fellow has proved instrumental.”
— Lauren Cubellis
Washington University in St. Louis.

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