Invitation to global SPA action call

Dear SPA members: 

Interested in advancing engaged psychological anthropology? Seeking avenues to positive social action? The Society for Psychological Anthropology has organized two community calls this month and invites your participation. The goal is to spark and share ideas about what individuals, institutions, and organizations can do to promote outreach, inclusion, and exchange to address the mounting challenges we confront. 

These calls respond to keen interest in potential proactive plans expressed by membership during AAA last Fall. Results from the calls will guide our initial efforts and scaffold discussion at the SPA biennial in New Orleans next month. Each and all of us are touched by the powerful forces afoot. But we also are especially well prepared to understand the psychosocial dynamics at play, formulate effective responses, and mobilize action. Please take the time to participate in one or both calls to help launch us on this path.

 The two community calls will take place on February 14 at 10am EST and February 15 at 5pm EST. To aid our planning, please complete the following form and recommend items for our open agenda: We realize the designated times may not work for everyone, but have left room for individuals interested in future calls to recommend items (in the form above) and will circulate notes from the two calls.

On the day of the call, you can either join via our website ( globally, or dial in (888-602-6638) from your US phone. If you are based outside the US but have limited internet access and would like to dial in, please let us know (via Google form). 

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Carol Worthman, President, SPA

Kathy Trang, SPA Electronic Publications Editor


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