SPA Lifetime Achievement Award

The Society for Psychological Anthropology Lifetime Achievement Award honors career-long contributions to psychological anthropology that have substantially influenced the field and its development. The award seeks to recognize the work of individuals whose sustained involvement in psychological anthropology has had a major impact on research directions, on the wider visibility and relevance of the field, and on the growth of a community of scholarship addressing issues of culture and psychology.

 Past Lifetime Achievement Awards
2021Carol Worthman
2020Mary-Jo Good
2019Bradd Shore
2018Thomas Weisner
2017Byron J. Good
2016Richard A. Schweder
2015Vincent Crapanzano
2013Jean Lave and Anthony F. C. Wallace
2011Gananath Obeyesekere
2009Naomi Quinn
2007Robert Edgerton
2005Jean Briggs and Roy D'Andrade
2003Theodore Schwartz and Walter Goldschmidt
2001Robert I. Levy
1999Erika E. Bourguignon
1997Robert A. LeVine
1995no award given
1993no award given
1991Melford E. Spiro
1989John and Beatrice Whiting

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