SPA Biennial Meeting 2003

SPA Biennial Meeting 2003

The 25th Anniversary of the SPA

The Society for Psychological Anthropology Biennial Meeting

Catamaran Hotel, San Diego, CA
April 10-13, 2003

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The Society for Psychological Anthropology held its latest biennial meeting April 10-13, 2003 at the Catamaran Hotel in San Diego, a beautiful location on Mission Bay just a block from the Pacific Ocean.

In addition to offering the usual range of scholarly sessions and special events, this meeting marked the 25th anniversary of the Society.

The theme of the meeting was “Reaching In: Conversations between Psychological and Cultural Anthropology.” A Presidential Forum highlighted this theme with a presentation by Sherry Ortner (titled “Serious Games”) and invited responses and commentary by Jean Briggs and Jean Lave. Other sessions explored the intellectual interfaces of psychological anthropology through linguistic, medical, and psychoanalytic approaches.

At this 25th anniversary meeting Lifetime Achievement Awards were presented to Walter Goldschmidt and Theodore Schwartz for their contributions to the origins of Ethos and the SPA.