"Psychological anthropology is concerned with subjective and sociocultural worlds and with the interplay between them. Scholars in psychological anthropology examine social and cultural influences on individual psychology and the psychological foundations of social behavior and shared culture."

John M. Ingham, p. 1. Psychological Anthropology Reconsidered. Cambridge University Press, 1996.

Lemelson Student Fellowships

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The deadline for this year’s Lemelson Student Fellowship is March 31, 2014. Graduate students in the early stages of studying psychological anthropology are encouraged to apply for funds that can be used for initial fieldwork, exploratory research for planning dissertation research, methods training to prepare for dissertation research, and pilot studies to prepare for more extensive research applications. More information can be found here. Good luck!

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AAA 2014 and the International Early Career Scholar Travel Grant

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The deadline for submitting abstracts for this year’s American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting is April 15, 2014. This year’s AAA’s also marks the inauguration of  the International Early Career Scholar Travel Grant. Find out more information here.


Looking for a session to join? Looking for a paper to complete your session?

If you are looking to join a session at the AAAs, please feel to post in this forum some brief information on your paper and an email where a session organizer can contact you. If you are a session organizer, who is looking for an additional contributor, please post in this forum your session’s abstract and an email.

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Prizes announced

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The SPA’s prizes for contributions to psychological anthropology were announced during its business meeting at the AAA’s in Chicago, IL.

Jing Xu & Talia Weiner

Jing Xu & Talia Weiner

The Stirling Prize for Best Published Article in Psychological Anthropology was awarded to Talia Weiner for her article “The (Un)managed Self: Paradoxical Forms of Agency in Self-Management of Bipolar Disorder.”

Jing Xu received the Condon Prize for Best Student Essay in Psychological Anthropology for her essay “Becoming a Moral Child amidst China’s Moral Crisis,” which will be published in a forthcoming issue of Ethos.

John Borneman’s article “Daydreaming, Intimacy, and the Intersubjective Third in Fieldwork Encounters in Syria” won the Boyer Prize for Contributions to Psychoanalytic Anthropology.

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The Society for Psychological Anthropology Business Meeting will be on Friday, November 22 at 6:15 p.m. It will include presentations for this year’s winners of the Condon Prize for Best Student Essay in Psychological Anthropology, Boyer Prize for Contributions to Psychoanalytic Anthropology, and Stirling Prize for Best Published Article in Psychological Anthropology. This year’s Lemelson student fellows will also tell us about their research. The new Early Career International Scholar Travel Grant Program will be unveiled as well. A reception will begin at 7:30 p.m. A limited number of drink tickets will be provided to graduate students. See you there!

Finally, SPA-sponsored panels at the AAAs can be viewed here. 

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Graduate Student-Faculty Mentor Workshops

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The Society for Psychological Anthropology is pleased to announce its graduate student – faculty mentor workshops to be hosted at the 2013 AAA meetings in Chicago. We are excited this year to offer a combination of topical as well as professional development-oriented themes this year. These workshops are designed to be informal settings for graduate students to meet with like-minded students and leading scholars in the field. Each workshop can accommodate three students and the workshops are free and open to all SPA student members.

To apply to a workshop, email a description (250-300 words) of the ways in which your research is related to a given topic, or how your current positioning relates to a workshop that is focused on professional development. In your description also please address the general aims of your participation. You do not have to be a member of the SPA at the time of application, but we request you join the Society for Psychological Anthropology should you be selected to participate. Please feel free to forward this message to your student/university specific listservs and to any graduate student you think may be interested. Applicants to workshops facilitated by faculty from their home institutions will not be considered.

Descriptions of each workshop can be found below. Participants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis (although fitness of match with a topic will be considered), so please submit your application as soon as possible. The student-faculty workshops at the 2012 AAA meetings filled very quickly, and I anticipate these will do the same.

Applications will be accepted beginning immediately. Any applications received after the initial 3 slots per workshop are filled will be placed on a waiting list. Please send applications, as well as any questions, to Kristi Ninnemann (kmn24@case.edu).


This year’s workshops are:

1. Elizabeth Fein
Topic: Clinical Ethnography and Practice in Mental Health
Thursday November 21st @ noon
Lunch will be provided

Description: This workshop will examine the intersections between ethnographic research and clinical practice in the field of mental health and psychiatric anthropology. How do the variations in perception, cognition and emotion that are often classified under psychiatric diagnoses shape the process and product of ethnography? How do we respond to the needs and voices of patients, practitioners, and the communities that surround them when researching psychiatric phenomena? What professional pathways are available to those who aim to combine ethnographic mental health research and clinical practice?


2. Claudia Strauss (Pitzer College)
Topic: Political Selves
Thursday November 21st @ 3pm
Coffee will be provided

Description: How do people develop their political outlooks and become involved with (or feel disenfranchised from) political struggles? We will share ideas about the insights psychological anthropology can bring to these topics.


3. Eileen Anderson-Fye (Case Western Reserve University)
Topic: Employing Multiple Methods in Psychological Anthropology Research
Friday November 22nd @ 11:45am
Lunch will be provided


4. Neely Meyers (George Washington University)
Topic: Global Mental Health
Friday November 23rd @ 1pm
Lunch will be provided

Description: Dr. Myers, an expert on culture and madness, will host this workshop on global mental health. She is particularly interested in the intersections of psychiatry, public health, and anthropology.  This will be an open forum for advice on future proposals and projects.


5. Ted Lowe (Soka University of America; Editor, Ethos)
Topic: Getting Your Work Through Peer Review
Saturday November 23rd @ noon
Lunch will be provided


6. Allen Tran (Bucknell University)
Topic: Transitioning to a Post-Graduate Career
Saturday November 23rd @ noon
Lunch will be provided

Description: This workshop is designed for advanced graduate students. Topics will include job/post-doc applications and interviews, course design and strategies, and the various challenges and opportunities that psychological anthropologists face in transitioning to the early stages of their careers.

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Boyer Prize

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The SPA is now accepting nominations for the 2013 Boyer Prize for Contributions to Psychoanalytic Anthropology. The Boyer Prize is awarded annually to a book or article—published in the preceding three years (in this case, Jan 2009 to July 2013)—that addresses psychodynamic process in their cultural context. It seeks to encourage and reward work that takes a psychodynamic approach to cultural phenomena, provides an anthropological perspective on the psychodynamically-oriented clinical context, or in some way integrates the theoretical and/or clinical insights of psychoanalysis with the traditional methods or subject matter of anthropology. The prize carries a cash award of $500, which will be presented at the SPA Business Meeting, during the Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association in Chicago.

Click here for more information.

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Condon Prize

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The Society for Psychological Anthropology is now accepting submissions for the 2013 Condon Prize for Best Student Essay in Psychological Anthropology. The winner will be awarded $500 and one year’s free membership in the Society for Psychological Anthropology. The winning essay will be published in Ethos after working with the Editor to revise and prepare the final manuscript.

Click here for more information.
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