Associate Editor

Edward D. Lowe, Soka University of America

Rachael Stryker, California State University-East Bay

Ethos is an interdisciplinary and international quarterly journal devoted to scholarly articles dealing with the interrelationships between the individual and the sociocultural milieu, between the psychological disciplines and the social disciplines.

The journal publishes work from a wide spectrum of research perspectives. Recent issues, for example, include papers on religion and ritual, medical practice, child development, family relationships, interactional dynamics, history and subjectivity, feminist approaches, emotion, cognitive modeling and cultural belief systems. Methodologies range from analyses of language and discourse, to ethnographic and historical interpretations, to experimental treatments and cross-cultural comparisons.

Ethos is published by the American Anthropological Association through Wiley-Blackwell. Ethos is indexed or abstracted in the online and CD-ROM databases Abstracts in Anthropology, Anthropological Index, Anthropological Literature, Current Contents, Linguistic and Language Behavior Abstracts, Middle East: Abstracts and Index, Psychological Abstracts, and Sociological Abstracts.

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Recent Publications

Richard G. Condon Prize
Accompanied Self: Debating Pentecostal Individual and Japanese Relational Selves in Transnational Japan
Suma Ikeuchi

Research Reports
Enculturation Incarnate: Ritual Sensoria in U.S. Patriotic Holidays
Cindy Dell Clark

Being Part of the Nacao: Examining Costly Religious Rituals in a Brazilian Neo-Pentecostal Church
H.J. Francois Dengah II

Citizens-in-Waiting, Deportees-in-Waiting: Power, Temporality, and
Sufferingin the U.S. Asylum System
Bridget M. Haas

“The Goal Is Not to Cheer You Up”: Empathetic Care in Israeli Life Coaching
Tamar Kaneh-Shalit

Agency and the GED: Personae and Artifacts in the Figured World of a
Literacy Welcome Center
Chaise LaDousa and Ana Baldrige

Forbidden Signs: Deafness and Language Socialization in Mexico City
Anne E. Pfister