Culture, Mind, and Society

Culture, Mind, and Society

SPA Book Series with Palgrave

Through its book series entitled “Culture, Mind, and Society,” the Society for Psychological Anthropology publishes innovative research in culture and psychology now emerging from the discipline of anthropology and related fields. In recent years, new developments in the social sciences have been marked by increasing dialog and innovation on the borders of established disciplines. The field of psychological anthropology has long occupied the spaces between anthropology and other disciplines concerned with human psychological functioning in natural contexts. As anthropologists seek to bridge gaps between ideation and emotion or agency and structure; and as psychologists, psychiatrists, and medical anthropologists search for ways to engage with cultural meaning and difference, this interdisciplinary terrain is more active than ever.

The book series of the Society for Psychological Anthropology establishes a forum for the publication of manuscripts of the highest quality that illuminate the workings of the human mind, in all of its psychological and biological complexity, within the social, cultural, and political contexts that shape thought, emotion, and experience. We publish single-authored works as well as edited volumes of collected essays. In both cases, we seek manuscripts that address topics, issues, and theories of general significance in anthropology and the social sciences, but which also demonstrate the importance of ethnographic research that grounds these discussions in people’s lived experience of thought, meaning, and desire.

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Meet the Editor

Peter Stromberg
Professor of Anthropology
University of Tulsa
Tulsa OK 74104
Office: (918) 631 2801

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