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The Psychology of Cultural Experience

SPA Publication No. 12
edited by Carmella C. Moore & Holly F. Matthews
Cambridge University Press, available August 2001.
ISBN: 0521005523

The essays in this volume focus upon the relationship of individual experience to culture, and chart a new research agenda for psychological anthropology in the twenty-first century. Drawing upon fieldwork in diverse cultural settings, the authors use a range of contemporary perspectives in the field, including person-centred ethnography, activity theory, attachment theory and cultural schema theory, to describe the ways in which people think, feel, remember, and solve problems. Fascinating insights emerge from these fine-grained accounts of personal experience. The research demonstrates that it is possible to identify cross-cultural universals in psychological development and mental states, and that individual psychology is not determined solely by unique cultural patterns.
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Introduction: The Psychology of Cultural Experience
Holly F. Mathews and Carmella C. Moore
Beyond the Binary Opposition in Psychological Anthropology
Drew Westen
Developments in Person-centered Ethnography
Douglas Hollan
Activity Theory and Cultural Psychology
Carl Ratner
The Infant’s Acquisition of Culture
Robert A. LeVine and Karin Norman
The Remembered Past in a Culturally Meaningful Life
Linda C. Garro
The Psychology of Consensus in a Papua New Guinea Christian Revival Movement
Stephen C. Leavitt
God and Self: The Shaping and Sharing of Experience in a Cooperative, Religious Community
Susan Love Brown
Cross-cultural Studies in Language and Thought: Is There a Metalanguage?
Eve Danziger
Comparative Approaches to Psychological Anthropology
Robert L. Munroe and Ruth H. Munroe

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